Width: 54”

Thickness: 1.00 mm

Nominal Weight: 32 oz per linear yard

Surface Composition: 100% PVC

Substrate Composition: 100% Polyester

Cold Crack: -20°F

UV Resistance: 1,000 hours ASTM G26-96 Method C

Stain Resistance: YES

Bleach Resistance: Yes, 10% Dilution

Mildew Resistance (ASTM G-21-13): Pass

Sulfide Stain Resistance: Yes

Abrasion Resistance: Bondi: 300, 000+ Double Rubs (ASTM D4157-07), Bronte: 500,000+ Double Rubs (ASTM D4157-07)

Breaking Strength: 89.2 Warp, 103 Fill (ASTM D751-06)

Flex Resistance: 25,000+ (ASTM D2097-03)

Tear Strength: Tongue Tear 25.8 Warp, 28 Fill (ASTM D751-06)

Flame Retardancy Specifications: California Technical Bulletin 117:13 PASS UFAC Class I: PASS NFPA 260: PASS FMVSS 302: PASS  

*All products 48" and up are subject to a required additional handling fee that is charged by the carrier.  This fee applies only once per order and does not stack.  Example, you buy 3 products over 48" there is still only a 1 time additional handling fee.