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White vinyl top padding.  61" wide. Available in 1/8" and 1/4" thickness.  Sold by the yard. (20 yd. rolls)


Density: 2 lb. per square foot per ASTM D3575

Tensile Strength: 65 psi ASTM D3575

Tear Strength: 7 lbs. per inch ASTM D3575

Elongation: 140% ASTM D3575

Firmness: 22 Asker C per ASTM D2240


Compression Set: 50% 24 hr. < 25% per ASTM D3575 Suffix B

Compression Strength: 25% at 5 psi and 50% at 15 psi per ASTM D3575 Suffix D

Working Temperature Range: -110 to 215 degrees Fahrenheit

Water Absorption 7 days: 0.05 lbs. per square foot per ASTM D1667

Flammability: Pass at 0.25" per MVSS302


*All products 48" and up are subject to a required additional handling fee that is charged by the carrier.  This fee applies only once per order and does not stack.  Example, you buy 3 products over 48" there is still only a 1 time additional handling fee.



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