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CPP2010 Auto Carpet Pad 20 Oz. 36" x 10 Yds. (PER ROLL)

Price: $39.95
This top quality padding is approximately 3/16 inch thick and made of 100 % synthetic carpet fiber for maximum stability and unparalleled durability. Our fibers are interlocked by needle-punch to ensure our pad will not stretch, dog ear or feather. By using 100% synthetic fibers our padding will not mold, mildew or create other odors. This product has tensile strength of 65 lbs.,insulation R factor 2.12, and passes Flammability Pill Test DOC-FF-1-70, Flammablility-Direct Flame (FMVSS-302),Smoke Density Test(NBS),along with Green Label Certified meeting indoor air quality test(CRI).

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