PSP-027 ROLL N' PLEAT Marine Vinyl - Seaquest Teal #027, 54" (PER YARD)

Price: $44.95
Manufacturer Part #:  PSP-027
This product qualifies for quantity discount pricing.
Seaquest marine vinyl is a 54" wide, 32 oz. vinyl with a Cold Crack of -20 F. It has 1,000 hour colorfastness to light and UV. It is stain, mildew, bleach, pink-stain and sulfide-stain resistant. Abrasion resistance of 175,000 double rubs, breaking strength of 89.2 Warp, 102.7 Fill, and flex resistance of 25,000+. Flame Retardant Specifications: Passed California Technical Bulletin 117:13, UFAC Class I, NFPA 260, and FMVSS 302. The pleats are press-pleated, and have a width of 1.25 inches. (All Seaquest colors available in flat vinyl, Roll N' Pleat, hidem, and welt cord.)
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