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TLS410 Tools, U-Cut Foam Rubber Slicer #410 (EACH)

Price: $140.92
(U-Cut Foam Rubber Slicer-Patented) U-Cut is fast and flexible. Place U-Cut on a flat surface with the foam material to be cut. The desired cutting thickness is quickly set by means of an adjustable screw setting. The operator merely pushes and pulls the U-Cut in a saw-like action making wedges, curves, arcs and other special shapes. U-Cut is great for proto-typing and small furniture jobs. U-Cut will cut from a minimum thickness of 1/4" to a maximum thickness of 9". Material up to 36" wide and unlimited length can be processed. Scrap can be glued, salvage and re-cut. Extra blades available Item # 410-B. Overall length is 46", width is 17", Total weight is 7-1/2 oz.

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